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Netscape Browser

The Netscape Browser sports many new features and manages to hold its own against the competition. The URL Correction feature quickly corrects common types of URL-entry errors on the fly. Not only does it offer Tabbed Browsing, which allows users to view multiple Web pages in a single browser window, but it features Tab History. When users open a link in a new tab, that new tab will inherit its parent's history.


Netscape Browser - Features

The Netscape Browser is available for Windows, Mac, and the Linux Operating System as a standalone installation. It loads very quickly, runs smoothly, and has many new exciting features. Therefore, this web browser champ of the 1990's is once again a contender and best of all, Netscape Browser is totally free.

Note: Official support for the Netscape Browser ended on 1 March 2008. However, the Netscape Archive contains all Netscape Browser releases for Windows, Mac and Linux available for you to download. Be sure to grab the latest version of Netscape, or you can simply download the Firefox Browser instead.

Netscape Browser
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 Firefox Browser
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