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Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools help make web sites more Google friendly. These easy to use tools allow users to see how their site performs, diagnose problems, and share information with Google in order to improve their visibility in Google search results. Within this suite of tools, Google offers Sitemaps to help site owners submit a list of URLs for Google to crawl, and useful forms to report spam in Google's index, report paid links, or submit a re-inclusion request. Simply log in to Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account, and add your web site URL. It's an easy and free way to have a more interactive experience with Google.


Google Webmaster Tools - Features

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools Help To Make Web Sites More Google Friendly!

  • Helps You Quickly Identify And Fix Any Crawl Errors To Increase Your Crawl Coverage.
  • Robots.txt Analysis Lets You Test Changes To See If They May Affect Your Site Crawl.
  • Allows You To Update Site Ownership When There's A Transition In Site Owners.
  • Tell Google Which URL Format (www or non-www) To Use When Their Site Is Indexed.
  • Allows You To Display The Top Queries On Google That Return Pages From Your Site,.
  • Allows You To See The Distribution Of Pages That Were Successfully Crawled.
  • Provides Information On How Google Is Indexing Your Site, Including Links To Your Site.
  • Enables You To Upload A Sitemap To Tell Google Additional Information About Your Site.

Make Your Web Site More Google Friendly With: Google Webmaster Tools


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