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Google Special Searches

Google Special Searches enable you to narrow your search to a specific topic. Google Special Searches currently include U.S. Government, BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), Linux, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft and University Search. Google Special Searches is built upon and uses Google's core search technology. Therefore, it can prioritize or restricts search results based on the web sites and pages that you specify!


Google Special Searches - Features

Google Special Searches

You Can Use Google To Search Within Specific Topics!

  • Use Google Special Searches To Help You Narrow Your Search To A Specific Topic.
  • U.S. Government Search Can Keep You Informed On Government Information and News.
  • You Can Search For Content On U.S. Federal, State And Local Government Web Sites.
  • Search Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) To Learn About The Unix Operating System.
  • You Can Search The Web For Linux, Apple Macintosh And Microsoft Related Sites.
  • Use University Search For Admissions Information, Course Schedules Or Alumni News.

Narrow Your Search To A Specific Topic With: Google Special Searches


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