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Google Mars

With Google Mars, in collaboration with NASA researchers at Arizona State University, you can see some of the most detailed scientific maps of Mars ever made. The map of Mars, published by Percival Lowell in 1895, was the result of many years spent carefully studying the Red Planet Mars through his telescope. By using Google Mars, you can now do the same, and experience the Red Planet through your web browser.


Google Mars - Features

Google Mars

You Can Now Experience The Red Planet Mars Through Your Web Browser!

  • Google Mars Includes Three Different Types Of Data: Elevation, Visible and Infrared.
  • Elevation: A Shaded Relief Map Color-Coded By Altitude So You Can Estimate Elevations.
  • Visible: A Mosaic Of Images Similar To What You'd See If You Are In Orbit Around Mars.
  • Infrared: Where Warmer Areas Appear Brighter And Colder Areas Appear Darker.
  • In The Infrared, Atmospheric Clouds And Dust Are Transparent For A Sharper Global Map.
  • In True Color, Mars Pretty Much Looks Like Butterscotch So A Gray-Scale Map Is Used.
  • If You Have Comments Or Questions About Google Mars, Google Loves To Hear Them.

Experience Our Neighboring Red Planet Mars With: Google Mars


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