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Google Labs Software
Google Labs
Google Labs is the technology playground for Google engineers and seekers of adventure where you can preview what Google is working on. Google Labs showcases a few of Google's favorite products and feature ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time. Google is always experimenting with new features aimed at improving the search experience. Take one for a spin and send your feedback to Google!


Google Labs Google Labs Applications Google Labs
  • Google Accessible Search Google Accessible Search Helps The Visually Impaired Quickly Find Relevant Information!
  • Google Code Search Google Code Search Allows You To Search Public Source Code Hosted On The Internet!
  • Google Dashboard Widgets For Mac Google Dashboard Widgets For Mac Lets You Add Increased Functionality To The Mac OS!
  • Google Experimental Search Google Experimental Search Lets You Join Experiments To See Google's Latest Ideas!
  • Google Extensions Google Extensions For Firefox Allows You To Enjoy An Improved Web Browser Experience!
  • Google Mars Google Mars Lets You Experience The Red Planet Directly Through Your Web Browser!
  • Google Page Creator Google Page Creator Lets You Create And Publish Attractive Web Pages In Minutes!
  • Google Product Search For Mobile Google Product Search For Mobile Lets You Search For Products On Your Mobile Phone!
  • Google Ride Finder Google Ride Finder Lets You Search For Taxis, Limousines And Shuttles In Your Area!
  • Google Sets Google Sets Can Automatically Create Sets Of Items From The Few Examples You Enter!
  • Google Suggest Google Suggest Guesses What You're Typing And Offers You Suggestions In Real Time!
  • Google Talk Labs Edition Google Talk, Labs Edition Is A Desktop Client With Features From The Google Talk Gadget!
  • Google Trends Google Trends Lets You See What Keywords People Are Searching For On A Daily Basis!
  • Google Web AcceleratorGoogle Web Accelerator Works With Your Browser To Help Web Pages Load In A Snap!


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