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Google Image Search

Google's Image Search is the most comprehensive on the web, with billions of images indexed and available for viewing. To use Image Search, you can select the "images" tab on Google's main search page or you can visit the Google Image Search page directly. Enter a query in the image search box, then click on the "Search" button. On the results page, just click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image, as well as the web page on which the image is located. The images identified by the Google Image Search service may be protected by copyrights. Even though you can locate and access images through the service, Google cannot grant you any rights to use the images for any means other than viewing them on the web.


Google Image Search - Features

Google Image Search

Google Image Search Is The Most Comprehensive Image Search On The Web!

  • On The Results Page, Just Click The Thumbnail To See A Larger Version Of The Image.
  • Google's Image Search Defaults To Using A Mature Content Filter On Your Initial Search.
  • From The Advanced Search Box, You Can Specify The Filetype Extension.
  • Google Continually Crawls More Images To Increase The Quality And Quantity Of Them.
  • You Can Use All Operators For Image Search That You Use For A Google Text Search.
  • The Advanced Image Search Page Lets You Refine Searches By: Size, Coloration, Etc.
  • Access Google Image Search On Mobile Phones From The Google Mobile Home Page.

You Can Search For High Quality Images With: Google Image Search


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