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Google Finance

Google Finance offers users an easy way to search for stocks, mutual funds, and for information on public and private companies. It delivers a broad range of company news and information in order to provide you with more relevant results in a clean, uncluttered user interface. Google Finance combines content that Google has licensed from financial data providers with content that Google has crawled and indexed from the Internet. This provides you with an easier method of finding and managing financial information online.


Google Finance - Features

Google Finance

Search For Stocks, Mutual Funds, And Info On Companies With Google Finance!

  • Company Search: Using Both Company Names And Ticker Symbols (Where Available).
  • Google Finance Charts Correlate Market Data With Corresponding Dated News Stories.
  • Google's Very Own News Service Gathers Stories From News Sources Worldwide.
  • Google Finance Includes Company Related Postings From Google Blog Search.
  • Google Finance Offers High Quality Discussion Groups So You Can Talk With Other Users.
  • You Can Even Create And Maintain Your Portfolio Of Stocks And Mutual Funds.

Create And Manage Your Own Portfolios With: Google Finance


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