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Google Desktop

The Google Desktop brings the same kind of fast, accurate searching to your desktop that Google has brought to the Web. It searches your computer as you type, and displays the relevant results in web page format within your browser. You can narrow your search with different syntaxes, but just a simple search will often suffice. Since you're searching your desktop, you can conduct searches when you're not online.

The Google Desktop automatically indexes and allows you to search the full text over the following types of items on your computer: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Thunderbird Mail, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader files and more. The Google Desktop is currently available as a free download for Windows, Linux and the Mac OS.


Google Desktop - Features

Google Desktop

Google Desktop Provides You With Information When You Want It - Right On Your Desktop!

  • Search Your Computer As Easily As You Search The Web With Google.
  • View News, Photos And More Anywhere On Your Desktop.
  • Get All Your Personalized Info In One Place With Sidebar.
  • Find All Your Email, Files, Web History, And More.
  • Get News, Weather And More Anywhere On Your Desktop
  • Add Google Gadgets To Customize Your Desktop And Sidebar.
  • Developers Can Create And Share Their Own Gadgets.

You Can Download Google Desktop For Free: Get Google Desktop


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