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Google Code

Google Code refers to Google's web site specifically created for the developer community. Google Code offers news, downloads, tutorials, demos and documentation on Google's APIs (application programming interfaces) and developer products. It also contains extensive resources for anyone who wants to integrate Google services or build next generation web applications. Google Code also serves as a home base for Google's open source initiatives, including their free open source Project Hosting service and the Google Summer of Code program for involving university students in open source software development.


Google Code - Features

Google Code

Integrate Google Services Or Build Next Generation Web Applications!

  • Google Has Released Well Over A Million Lines Of Code And Over 100 Projects.
  • Google's APIs & Developer Tools Include Developer Guides, Forums And Tutorials.
  • Join The Over 50,000 Open Source Projects That Call Google Code Their Home.
  • Google Handles Both Internal Open Source Compliance And External Outreach Programs.
  • Start Your Own Open Source Project And Let Google Host The Code For You For Free.
  • Google Summer Of Code Introduces University Students To Open Source Development.
  • Google Code for Educators Has Tutorials, Video Lectures And Sample Course Content.

Start Your Very Own Open Source Project With: Google Code


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