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Google Code Search

Google Code Search helps you find function definitions and sample code by giving you one place to search publicly accessible source code hosted on the Internet. With Google Code Search, you can: use regular expressions to search more precisely, restrict your search by language, license or file name, and view the source file with links back to the entire package, and the web page where it came from. You can tell Google about source code on your site by creating and submitting a Code Search Sitemap. A Code Search Sitemap is just like a regular Sitemap but it does include some additional Code Search-specific information.


Google Code Search - Features

Google Code Search

You Can Search Publicly Accessible Source Code With Google Code Search!

  • Google Craws As Much Publicly Accessible Source Code It Can Find Including Archives.
  • Google Code Search Supports The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) Syntax.
  • However, This Would Exclude Backreferences, Collating Elements, And Collation Classes.
  • To Search For A Space Character, Escape It With A Backslash, As In Hello,\ World.
  • Search For Literal Strings By Enclosing Them In Quotation Marks, As In "Hello, World".
  • Google Code Search Also Supports A Few Perl Extensions Such As: \W, \S, \D And More.
  • Code Search Sitemaps Use The Sitemap Protocol With Extra Code Search-Specific Tags.

Find Function Definitions And Sample Code With: Google Code Search


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