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DivX For Windows

What is DivX For Windows? In short, DivX is doing for Video what MP3 did for Music. It is often referred to as the world's most popular video compression technology. DivX software has been downloaded by millions of users like you to create or watch high-quality DivX movies. To get in on the action, just download the DivX Codec and start enjoying movies in any standard media player. The free DivX Player is included with the codec bundle, if you prefer to watch your videos on a player optimized for all versions of DivX content.


DivX For Windows - Features

The creators of the popular DivX video format also make this freeware bundle for playing and encoding DivX files. Video and audio playback is fairly smooth, and you can shift among full-screen, compact, and console modes using the right-click context menu. Downloadable Skins are available on the publisher's site.

DivX For Windows Includes:

• DivX Player• DivX Community Codec
• DivX Web Player• DivX Converter

Download DivX For Windows
Download DivX For Windows


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